Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Twitter begins testing on new ‘buy’ button to commercialise social media site


Twitter users will soon be able to buy items on the site with the introduction of a “buy” button to help generate more cash. The button will be embedded in a tweet and people will be able to purchase directly from that message.

With Twitter now entering e-commerce in a strategic move to win over advertisers, it follows in the footsteps of Facebook who introduced a “buy button” earlier this summer. A trial has already begun with a few brands, musicians and charities such as Burberry, Rihanna and Natural Conservancy.

The payment start-up, working with Stripe, allows users to not have to input their card details every time, also meaning that it is easier and less hassle to carry out transactions. In one of the trials, users were able to send friends a free coffee voucher by tweeting or using a hashtag to add products to their amazon cart.

Head of commerce at Twitter, Neil Hubbard said, “What we see today are conversations that already exist between brands, artists and charities and all our users with conversations happening every single second, frequently in service of a transaction. Now, where appropriate, we‘re making that conversation transactional.”

It has been stressed that users will not be able to broadcast what they purchase to other tweeters, and the company plan to begin using the button slowly. It will start off with users in the US and then move on internationally.

This chance would enable brands to sell themselves directly to customers, and even select others to sell for them. The platform has also tried to appeal to other advertisers who spend the vast majority of budgets on Google and Facebook. Revenue at Twitter rose 124 per cent year on year to $312 million in the third quarter. By extending Twitter commerce to other apps it could also compete with PayPal by using MoPub, which was bought by the company last year, selling adverts to over a billion devices.

The company have also been looking at into Asian apps for lessons on how to merge paying for services with messaging platforms. Twitter will continue to look for more opportunities in the market in order to make more money. The new feature will ensure that transactions are kept secure and that payment data is kept private.


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