Saturday, January 23, 2021

Profile: 99p Shopper founder

99 Shopper was founded by Suleman Sacranie in 2011 after he dropped out of University to launch his business. Within a year of proving the business model, Suleman went on to secure Private Equity funding to help accelerate the growth of the business.

Following this, the company launched online wholesale platform MAD having secured Palmer & Harvey as its distributor. P&H is the UK‘s number 1 delivered wholesaler, making more than 6,000 deliveries every day to every UK postcode via an industry-leading network of 14 regional depots. The company is now moving into the retail space in launching the UK‘s first discount fascia 99 Shopper.

99 Shopper is all about offering a discounted selection to give enhanced consumer offering and providing an analysed range for retailers. The company will open its first company store in December and roll out 40 over 2015 as a franchise concept. Thus far the company has received hundreds of enquires from potential franchisees.

99 Shopper is different from the competition as Suleman‘s idea was always to bring an automated proven model to the retail industry. With his area of expertise in the technology field Suleman wanted to apply this to an industry that has stayed very much the same over the last 30 years. It is clear that with a given direction, proven model, a set range, assessing data and understanding your customer is the key in driving footfall into stores and understanding buying habits and customers‘ needs are key which is what the 99 Shopper team focus on. The company understands that by partnering with key industry leaders allows us to focus on what we are good at and provide more to our customers which benefits all parties.

Future plans for the business will hopefully see 40 store openings and acceleration on present growth.


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