Monday, November 29, 2021

How MAC use popular culture to promote sales

Internationally successful make-up brand MAC are known for producing exciting and unique limited edition collections.

In 2014 alone numerous of celebrity collaborations ranges have been released by MAC. Model/actress Brooke Shields is their most recent release with make-up inspired by her day to night looks. Mother and daughter Sharon and Kelly Osbourne launched a limited edition range on 10th of June 2014. A large range consisting of make-up for the face, lips and eyes with Sharon‘s packing being an orangey red colour and Kelly‘s being lilac with a slight pearly sheen. New Zealand singer Lorde also released a limited edition range which was very small consisting of a dark purple lipstick and black liquid eyeliner matching her signature look.

Rihanna is in the league of MACs most successful collaborations the house hold name singer has had a series of collections with the make-up brand. The rose gold packaging and flattering colour ranges followed by association with one of current most successful female artists makes it an instant sell out.

As well as having a string of celebrity limited edition collaborations the brand has created a number of witty and un expecting beauty icons with collections inspired by fictional characters. Summer 2014 saw the launch of a Marge Simpson make-up range. The limited edition cartoon collection had a pre launch at San Diego Comic Con with Marge Simpson models. The range includes nail stickers, false lashes, blush, eye shadow and lip glosses. Their brave collection even includes a yellow lip gloss called Nacho Cheese Explosion.

Unfortunately not all limited edition launches prove to be successful. The 2011 Wonder Woman collection which included art work from DC Comics got mixed reviews and a divide in MAC fans. The bold red, blue and yellow packaging was described as tacky and unappealing by many bloggers and customers.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show collection which includes lipstick, glitter, lashes, nail polish and eye liner launch date has been pushed back. The original launch date was September 29th, both movie and make-up fans were on the website in the early hours to make sure they secure some Frank N. Furter inspired products. MAC customers queue and wake up at the crack of dawn to get their hands on some exclusive lippy (If you thought securing Glastonbury tickets was as hard!) It is no surprise that the customers were massively disappointed to discover they will have to wait longer in anticipation with many taking to twitter to vent their frustration.

Limited edition launches are nearly always proved to be successful no matter what the brand. It gives a sense of exclusivity and a reward to loyal customers. There is also a buzz created from the fear that the range will instantly sell out and that would have been the only chance to try out the product. It is also a great way to test new colours and formulas depending on the popularity the item could possibly become full time and make it to their main range of products.

MAC has continued to create bold, attention grabbing and trend setting limited edition launches. The lines prove that admirable celebrities want to be associated with the brand and that MAC understands what is cool and relevant to their customers. The surprising wild card collection such as the Marge Simpson range show that MAC are not afraid to take risks and despite their global success they can remain edgy and go where other make-up brands are too afraid to.


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