Friday, August 12, 2022

New app Givvit allows users to give a little more

While ‘Blue Monday‘ may have turned out to be a Sky Travel marketing ploy back in 2005, there is no denying that January is not the happiest month of most of our years. Launching today, new app Givvit allows users to console their friends with more than a cursory show of support on social media. Via Givvit, users can send physical treats to their friends and family such as coffee, pizza or even a glass of wine (for those not doing ‘Dry January‘).

In our smartphone-dominated age, Givvit has found that 69% of UK residents “desire something a little more tangible than a tweet, text or like to brighten their mood.” Research found, unsurprisingly, that the majority of messages of goodwill are now sent electronically with less than a third of people preferring to send letters and cards.

Givvit, which describes itself as a ‘Social Treating‘ app, has teamed up with the likes of Caffè Nero, M&S, Pizza Express and Picturehouse Cinemas to allow users to send personalised treats to others. These could range from a ‘Cheer Up‘ skinny cappuccino or a ‘Congratulations‘ glass of wine to a ‘Happy Birthday‘ pair of cinema tickets, all sent with just a few taps on a phone. Treats can then be redeemed at the convenience of the recipient.

James Cullen, CEO and Co-Founder of Givvit, said, “With digital gestures being commonplace, it is fair to say that certain good wishes are becoming less and less meaningful. It is important that real world gestures aren‘t lost as they are often the most powerful and tend to garner the strongest emotional reaction. Givvit offers the opportunity to surprise a friend or loved one with a thoughtful treat to show that you care.”

Other Givvit ‘treat partners‘ include Flaming Grill Pubs, Chef & Brewer Pub Co., Fayre & Square and Operation Smile with more expected to follow. The app can be downloaded now through the iOS and Google App stores.


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