Customers compete in budget buying games

A string of recent ad campaigns have highlighted the importance of customer engagement and the need for retailers to connect with their customers. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon quoted:


“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It‘s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better”


Coca Cola has turned nostalgic with its ‘What is Happiness‘ and ‘Kissed by‘ campaigns, advertising its iconic drink through past legends Marilyn Monroe, Ray Charles and Elvis.


Lager brand Budweiser is engaging with its customers by televising a hunt to find the nation‘s best goal scorers. The company has collaborated with Sky Sports, pushing the campaign through star names Jamie Redknapp, Gary Neville and Ed Chamberlin.

Senior Brand Manager at Budweiser, Andre Finamore Amaral described how the company has combined entertainment and consumer goods to satisfy its demographic:


“Capture the magic of Sunday league football, and elevate amateur star players to an almost professional status. Every football fan dreams of seeing their goal on TV, so we are all thrilled to be officially launching our Budweiser Dream Goal ad on consumers‘ TV screens to help make this dream a reality”.


In comparison, retailers such as Estée Lauder, Clinique, Royal Canin,, Vente-Exclusive and European electronics giant Media Markt are trying a new approach. Still focusing on customer needs, the retailers have introduced the idea of ‘buy and win‘ by joining forces with Lucky Cycle, a customer promotions technology specialist.


The company is launching in the UK following a £1m investment, providing shoppers with a ‘fresh way of rewarding‘ without discounting. The method gives one in five or one in 10 customers the opportunity to win their basket of goods for free. Simon Calvert, UK Country Manager for Lucky Cycle comments, “We are aiming to shake up the world of retail promotions by offering something new and exciting to consumers when they shop online- the ‘win your basket‘ concept taps into the appealing aspect of chance”.

Lucky Cycle‘s clients are seeing an average 30% increase in conversion rates and sales, with 60% of winners going on to share their victory across social media platforms. The campaigns are also available in store.


The promotions can run across individual products or an entire range, with shoppers notified instantly about their win.


Calvert continues, “It‘s a fun way for retailers to engage with shoppers, increase conversion rates and reward loyal customers with attractive offers. Social media sharing amplifies a campaign and extends its reach”.


The step demonstrates the need for retailers to focus on customer satisfaction to keep up with competitors. “The days of whacking up a billboard are waning,” said Greg Duggan, co-founder of WheyHey! Ice-cream.


Connecting with customers in order to build a continued relationship is vital, particularly online where options to find an alternative are becoming increasingly competitive.


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