Friday, August 19, 2022

Online shoppers will stretch their budgets for diet products

Recent research from Ve, an ecommerce conversion platform, has revealed that consumers are less likely to abandon their shopping cart when purchasing diet products than any other type of product in the retail sector.

Despite the recent controversy over Protein World‘s advertising campaign, it seems that consumers are still striving for a ‘beach body‘. Diet and health products have been ranked as requiring among the lowest engagement levels from marketers to generate a sale.  The cart abandonment rate is the lowest, 62% for health and diet products alongside food and drink.

This is in comparison to abandonment rates of76% for recreational products, 73% for both fashion and beauty products, and 75% for home and office goods.

Results of the report suggest that those who browse these products online need very little encouragement to go from prospect to buyer – the buying process is a swift one.  Additionally Ve found that averages of 52 re-engagement emails were sent to prospects per diet-product conversion, significantly lower than the majority of other retail-sector products. More than twice the number of re-engagement emails were required per sale of beauty products (127) and electronics ranked the highest requiring 159.

Neela Ahmed, Director of Retail at Ve, said, “This data demonstrates that diet products require less marketing engagement than other sectors, which implies that consumers are faster to spend money on dieting. Considering the sensitive and personal nature of these products, diet product advertising must be ethical, responsible and open to public scrutiny.” 

Talya Misiri 


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