Friday, August 12, 2022

Apple‘s newest launches are losing traction

Only 3% of iPhone 6 owners regularly use Apple Pay to buy products in stores, a new survey has revealed.

As part of their third report on Apple Pay, payments news site and analytics firm InfoScout surveyed 1,498 iPhone 6 users and found that over a third of consumers don‘t know how to use Apple Pay, raising

Just 13.1% of users in June said they had paid with Apple‘s contactless payment system, down from 15.1% in March.

“The results are pretty clear…Apple Pay has not become a regular habit for users who have the application and are able to use it in stores that accept it,” said Karen Webster, chief executive.

When asked why they didn’t use Apple Pay, almost a third of respondents said they were simply happy with their current payment method (credit cards, debit cards or cash) although 34% said they didn’t know how the new system worked.

Apple Pay is also compatible with the Apple Watch, which tech fans are said to be losing interest in. Pebble‘s smartwatches are considerably cheaper, work with android phones which Apple watches naturally don‘t, and have battery lives that last up to 7 days compared with the 18 hours a wearer would get with the latter.

Jared Schrieber, Chief Executive of InfoScout, said: “The results of the survey also show that very few people are actually buying an iPhone to gain access to Apple Pay.

What will be interesting will be to see how Apple Pay adoption will be impacted by Apple Watch users, which is something we will be tracking in our next survey.”


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