Samsung under intense pressure as Galaxy Note 7s continue to explode


Samsung have warned owners of the Galaxy Note 7 to “turn off” the device while it continues investigations into them spontaneously combusting.  

A huge blunder has befallen the South Korean tech retailer as its batch of replacement phones have begun to catch fire, following a damaging worldwide recall of the original batch many of which exploded.

After announcing that their new replacements were “safe” Samsung have halted all sales of the smartphones and called on consumers to turn them off, seek a refund or exchange them for different phones.  

Aside from the reputational damage among consumers, this latest spate of embarrassing product defects have caused the tech retailers share prices to plummet £7.5 per cent, wiping $18 million (£14.6 million) off its value.




The South Korean finance minister has even said that a complete withdrawal of the phone from production would hurt the country’s finances.  

It has not been clarified what the defect is in the latest batch of Galaxy Note 7s, Samsung claimed after the first wave of battery explosions that the defect lay with a single battery supplier. However, the renewed prob


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