Mike Ashley to meet with MPs over warehouse investigation

Sports Direct Boss Mike Ashley has agreed to meet with MPs for the first time, breaking character as he attempts to “set the record straight” on employee working conditions. 

 Ashley is largely known for not talking to the press, let alone MPs, despite the numerous negative news that has emerged about the retailer in recent months. This includes an investigation by The Guardian, which found that workers at the company‘s Shirebrook warehouse were working in unfair circumstances, with some of them supposedly earning less than minimum wage.  

The Sports Direct Founder finally broke his silence in December, saying that he would personally investigate working practices at the company. Now, according to The Mirror, Ashley has invited politicians to his Shirebrook HQ to “set the record straight”. 

This is a much improved approach to dealing with politicians for Ashley. Last year he refused to answer a select committee, instead sending a colleague and former drugs tsar Keith Hellawell, who ended up causing embarrassment for the chain.  

The group of “several MPs” that Ashley has been in touch with for the upcoming meeting supposedly includes a representative from the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee.  


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