Saturday, March 23, 2019

Superdrug becomes second store to review ‘sexist pricing‘


In riposte to a petition on, Boots announced on Tuesday that it has immediately lead a review on price differentiations between identical products for male and female consumers, and now Superdrug is following suit.

The petition called for Boots to reconsider the cost of items such as eye cream and razors, which were found to be considerably more in the female category than that of their male-orientated counterparts. Boots said it was “shocked” and “disappointed” to find the claims were true in “exceptional cases”, and that it would “take action” to wipe out sexist pricing.

It said own-brand disposable razors and eye cream would be re-priced and suppliers asked to review pricing policies.

Now high street rival Superdrug has said it will also examine any “disparity based on gender” and, where needed, alter the prices of products aimed at women.

The drug store chain told the Financial Times that “for some products our suppliers charge more for women‘s products” and said it was “challenging this” after the debate over price disparities by UK retailers.

“As part of our mission, we remain committed to delivering exceptional value for our customers,” it added.