Families waste £700 a year on complicated recipes


A new study has found that consumers waste hundreds of pounds a year by purchasing ingredients they only use once.

Research by Sainsbury‘s has found that nine out of 10 people surveyed have bought ingredients attempting to emulate a complicated recipe, and have never used them again.

It has also found that less than three per cent of families are concerned with wasting food, whereas 75 per cent are concerned with wasting electricity.

According to the supermarket‘s research, 4.2million tonnes of food is wasted every year which costs the average family around £700.

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“Wasting food has become so normal there is now no stigma attached to throwing food away,” Sainsbury‘s chief executive Mike Coupe said.

“People are cost-conscious and making concerted efforts to turn off lights and minimise energy use. 

“However, people are still overlooking the much bigger savings that could be delivered by simply throwing away less food, and hopefully our campaign will help people waste less food and save more money.”

This research comes as Sainsbury‘s invests £10 million in its “waste less, save more” campaign in which it will give away one million fried thermometers to customers. 

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