Retail Gazette Loves: Emoticode

How many times have you wanted to share your latest buy, or share an item that you know would be perfect for a friend, but have been stopped by the limitations of social media?

Snapchat and Instagram have increased in usage exponentially over the past year, with Snapchat videos rising by 400 per cent and adverts getting over one million views per day. 

Similarly, Instagram now has 400 million users, 60 per cent of which log in every day.

These statistics beg the question; why can‘t you share URL links on these apps? 

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POPSUGAR‘s Emoticode seeks to rectify this and unleash the potential of these platforms for brands and retailers.

Using the Emoticode app, users and brands can quickly convert a URL into an emoji or alphanumeric character, and share it across these platforms, allowing retailers to easily monetise their content and influence.


Links can be created in Safari, the Emoticode App or in the Shopstyle Collective app at the touch of a button. 

These are then “decoded” in the Emoticode app and the user is taken to the URL.




Retailers can use Emoticodes to promote a campaign, and track the number of screenshots used to decode them directly, giving them accurate feedback of the reach of their campaigns.

“Emoticode introduced a totally different way to shop and be inspired by shared content, driving stronger engagement for brands and maximising the ability to monetise Snapchat and Instagram content,” POPSUGAR chief executive Brian Sugar said.  

“This tool gives everyone a chance to buy what inspires them from Snapchat and Instagram.”


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