Sunday, November 19, 2017
Stranger Things

Retail Gazette Loves: Topshop’s Stranger Things collection

To coincide neatly with both the launch of the second series of Netflix’s hit nostalgic series Stranger Things and Halloween, the retailer has launched an 80’s inspired range emblazed with the show’s cast.

Retail Gazette Loves: Jigsaw’s #heartimmigration campaign

Luxury fashion retailer Jigsaw has launched a bold new #heartimmigration campaign hailing the necessity of immigration in defiance a growing anti-immigration rhetoric surrounding the Brexit vote.

Retail Gazette Loves: The publicly-named wine that’s not Winey McWineface

Wine crowdfunding company Naked Wines have invited to British public to select the name of a new English sparkling wine.

Retail Gazette Loves: Sainsbury’s extended Gary range

Sainsbury‘s has revealed that it will be expanding its range of vegan cheeses which shot to internet stardom last year after being renamed “Gary”.

Retail Gazette Loves: The “Husband-Proof” Shopping List

Following numerous failed trips to the supermarket which ended in an “epic fail” and subsequent argument, Era created the “husband-proof” shopping list.
Poundland Appreciation Society

Retail Gazette Loves: The Poundland Appreciation Society

The UK is home to a raft of bizarre appreciation societies now including the Poundland Appreciation Society.

Retail Gazette Loves: The World‘s Smallest Car Dealership

Peugeot has taken showrooming to new heights, opening a dealership just 2.6sq ft wide inside a London phone box.

Retail Gazette Loves: Mr Porter’s Kingsman shop

The world‘s first Kingsman shop is set to open this week, selling menswear retailer Mr Porter‘s second Kingsman “costume to collection” range
Find the Force

Retail Gazette Loves: Star Wars’ Find the Force Game

In preparation for this year‘s Star Wars installment The Last Jedi, Disney have announced the launch of a huge AR treasure hunt Find the Force.

Retail Gazette Loves: Westfield’s indoor zip-line

Shopping centre giant Westfield has launched the UK‘s first indoor shopping centre zip-line as part of its Future Forest installation.

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