Retail Gazette Loves: Meadowhall’s inflatable interactive park

Meadowhall shopping centre is set to host the UK’s first ever inflatable interactive park spanning 15,000sq ft.

Retail Gazette Loves: The Jeff Goldblum Charity Shop

One man from Cardiff has found a charity shop where every picture frame features a different photo of Jeff Goldblum.

Retail Gazette Loves: Carnaby Street’s Rhino

London’s iconic shopping destination Carnaby has welcomed a rhino to its busy high street as part of a month-long collaboration.

Retail Gazette Loves: Become’s #HotWomenOnly campaign

Roughly 1 in 10 women are currently experiencing the menopause and we believe that they're the hottest women in Britain

Retail Gazette Loves: The North Face’s mountaintop store

The North Face has opened perhaps the hardest to reach store in the world, 2100 metres above sea level.

Retail Gazette Loves: UK shoppers’ terrible spelling

You might think that the 1.9 billion people making 40,000 Google searches per day would lead to an improvement in our spelling.

Retail Gazette Loves: Hunter’s hot air boot

To celebrate its 162nd birthday in fitting style, the iconic Wellington boot brand Hunter has built a giant boot-shaped balloon.

Retail Gazette Loves: Matalan’s real-life mannequins for skin cancer awareness

Shoppers walking past Matalan’s shop window in Liverpool this weekend may have caught a fright after its mannequins moved.

Retail Gazette Loves: Ebay’s Henry Holland Pride collection

Ebay has launched an exclusive range of merchandise designed by Henry Holland to support the Albert Kennedy Trust.

Retail Gazette Loves: Mastercard’s smart mirror

Smart mirrors are fast becoming the new buzzword in retail, and Mastercard’s new Oak mirror lays bare the opportunities.

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