Retail Gazette Loves: Nicola Adams helps tackle food poverty

Strong Roots opens the UK’s first Frozen Veggie Food Bank in Hackney, London to help tackle food poverty with help from Nicola Adams.
Nicola Adams visits the UK's first Frozen Veggie Food Bank, launched by Strong Roots. David Parry/PA Wire

It may not be retail per se, but during these uncertain times it is lovely to see stories about innovative food banks combined with celebrity star power.

The UK’s first Frozen Veggie Food Bank officially opened in Hackney, London earlier this week – a partnership between plant-based frozen food company Strong Roots and Bankuet, the UK’s first online food donation platform. They were joined by boxing superstar and undefeated champion Nicola Adams.

The launch of the Frozen Veggie Food Bank marks the start of Strong Root’s social mission to Make Veg Poverty History after research revealed that one in four Brits are living in vegetable poverty.

The research also highlights that London is at the epicentre of vegetable poverty versus other areas of the country, with 40 per cent of Londoners from lower income households not able to access fresh fruit and vegetables.

“Veg should be accessible to all”: Nicola Adams. Photo: David Parry/PA Wire

The Frozen Veggie Food Bank aims to create more of a level playing field by providing anyone who visits access to vegetables.

Nicola Adams took a trip to Hackney to meet with volunteers ahead of its launch and shared her passion for the health benefits of fruit and vegetables within a regular diet.

She also discussed her involvement with the mission, which stems from an upbringing in which food insecurity was a way of life.

1 in 4 Britons are living in Veg Poverty today with London experiencing highest levels. Photo: David Parry/PA Wire

The Frozen Veggie Food Bank, will operate over four consecutive weekends at a time of year when food insecurity is at its highest.

“I understand first-hand the struggle and the sacrifices made by families just to put food on the table,” Nicola Adams said.

“It’s hard enough just having enough food to eat let alone being able to access good, nutritious food.

“Veg should be accessible to all whatever your personal circumstances because it is fundamental to our health.”

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