Friday, January 28, 2022

Tesco clamps down on disabled parking fraudsters

Tesco has announced a new scheme to clamp down on people parking fraudulently in disabled parking spots.

The grocer will implement the use of handheld gadgets given to parking attendants that have access to the DVLA driver database.

Staff will know instantly which cars are owned by genuinely disabled customers, and will see offenders automatically receiving a find to their home address.

Tesco‘s carpark operations manager Cat Parkinson is spearheading the new scheme.

“The new self-monitoring scheme allows stores to better control their car park, to help protect the disabled bays. This makes parking at Tesco fairer for everyone,” she said.

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“I spoke to British paratrooper Jordan Beecher who shops at our Finchley store. In 2012, while on his third operational tour of Afghanistan, he stepped on an improvised explosive device which claimed his left leg.

“Jordan told me it was imperative that he had access to disabled parking as he adjusted to his new circumstances.”

It will now be enforced nationwide following a successful trial in over 70 Tesco stores. 

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