Monday, January 24, 2022

Tesco trials new anti-fraud Tap&Tag technology

Tesco has rolled out new Tap&Tag technology, which aims to replace paper receipts completely with digital ones.

The UK‘s biggest supermarket has begun a trial of the new system in which customers using a contactless card or mobile phone payment can simply tap a console at the checkout counter and receive their receipt via email instantly.

Ending in November, the trial taking place in two stores in Essex, aims to do away with paper receipts entirely, reducing the retailer‘s carbon footprint and paper costs.

Tap&Tag is also designed to tackle fraud, as Tesco lose an estimated £8million a year to fraudulent returns. Integration of the technology could help to bring down this number. Tesco are reportedly also working on new cameras that sit above self-service checkouts which alert staff to irregular item scanning, aiming to eliminate theft at self-service tills which cost the grocers in the UK £1.6bn every year.

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“We are edging towards a completely paperless future when it comes to receipts and this is because digital natives just don‘t like putting paper into their wallets,” technical programme manager at Tesco Neil McGeough told Marketing Week.

“This trend will keep on growing over the next five years and wallets will become a thing of the past. Soon there will be receipts on your phone, loyalty cards on your phone and bank details on you phone.”

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