Amazon issues US patent from “blended reality” mirror


Amazon has added another tech patent to its extensive roster in the form of a blended reality virtual mirror.

Earlier this week the tech giant filed a US patent application for a mirror which combines partially reflective and partially transmissive surfaces.

It is designed to provide users with a representation of how clothes would look on them before buying.

The mirror will scan the environment to create a virtual model, then identify the user’s eyes and mouth to determine what will need to be displayed as a reflection.

Virtual clothing is then transmitted through the mirror creating a blended reality.

“The display device can generate a pattern of illumination and non-illumination on the screen so that the illuminated portions of the screen substantially transmit through the mirror,” the patent read.

This comes just months after Amazon acquired Body Labs, a tech company specialising in 3D body scanning and modelling software.

It’s likely the acquisition could be linked to the patent and raises the possibility the mirror could become more than just a patent.

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