Amazon reaches €200m settlement with French tax authorities

French Tax

Amazon has reached a deal with French tax authorities to pay €200 million over a case brought against it over five years ago.

The settlement related to a tax dispute stretching back as far as 2012, in which Amazon was asked by the French authorities to hand over €200 million in non-reported tax and penalties for earnings made between 2006 and 2010.

During this period Amazon’s European revenues were going through Luxembourg, meaning it paid less corporate tax.

Amazon said it had reached an “overall settlement agreement with the French tax authorities on past issues, and our main objective remains to provide the best possible buying experience for our customers in France, where we have invested more than two billion euro since 2010, and created more than 5,500 permanent jobs”.

France is currently spearheading a pushback against tech giants’ tax structures in Europe, currently basing tax levels on profits rather than revenues.

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