Gameseek quietly enters liquidation owing swathes of customers money

Online video game retailer Gameseek has quietly fallen into liquidation, leaving dozens of customers without products they have paid for.

Over the bank holiday weekend, Gameseek’s website is understood to have shut down, leaving visitors with the message: “Our site is currently under maintenance, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Its Ebay shop had also shut over the weekend, while curious customers were faced with “address not found” messages when attempting to contact staff via email.

Though its official Twitter page has said nothing about its liquidation, and put out its last post on May 3, customers took to the site to reveal letters they had received from Gameseek’s liquidators.

Natalie Ross tweeted the retailer stating she had “received notification in the post today that you’ve gone into liquidation.”

She added that she never received a purchase she had made two weeks ago and had not yet received a refund.

Other customers Tweeted pictures of the letter they received from Dow Schofield Watts Business Recovery LLP, confirming that the company had entered Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation.

Customers who had placed orders with the collapsed company and had not received their orders, were informed they had the right to vote on any insolvency proceedings as creditors.

The retailer had gained a controversial reputation for its use of “cyclonic deals”. These were heavily discounted offers posted on the retailers Facebook page, that presented customers with a countdown timer when they clicked through.

Its chief executive Stephen Staley told Eurogamer last year: “It’s a loss leader. It’s just a promotion. I am more passionate about gaming than business.

“I am in a very unique position where I own 100 per cent of the company and can do things other companies cannot. I have no-one to report to. No shareholders. No Investors. Ultimately I am extremely passionate about video games.”

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