House of Fraser distribution centres are closed again

House of Fraser

House of Fraser’s future faces yet more uncertainty as its distribution centres in Wellingborough and Milton Keynes shut again, according to a report by Drapers.

The department store’s warehouses in Wellingborough and Milton Keynes, which are operated by XPO Logistics, have shut again shortly after being re-opened on August 24.

XPO have been in talks with House of Fraser’s new owners Sports Direct over money the logistics company was owed by the retailer after it fell into administration on August 10.

XPO is reportedly owed £30.4 million, while House of Fraser’s wider debts are believed to approach £1 billion.

It stopped accepting goods and processing deliveries for the retailer earlier in the month, meaning House of Fraser was forced to contact shoppers to warn customers that it had cancelled orders that had not been sent yet.

The House of Fraser website remains offline, instead pointing customers to Sports Direct’s high end clothing retailer Flannels.

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  1. No, they are not sending customers orders placed on 13th August…but they are not refunding either, it’s disgusting! £388.00 worth of online order, no goods or refund. Utterly disgusting!

    • It’s a very simple solution, if you paid by credit card. Ring your bank and get them to refund your balance. I did, and got the money back in about 3 or 4 working days. Simple!

  2. Nothing but radio silence from HoF to all customers with outstanding orders, gift cards or returns. If they have no intention of paying for refunds, they should let customers know so that they can recover the money through their banks. They need to plan a massive write off of goodwill for every day customers are kept in the dark, or has this always just been about stripping the assets?

  3. Customers of HoF who made online purchases may well have a remedy from their credit card providers but otherwise little chance. I wonder why anybody took a risk buying online with all the news about the financial difficulties.

  4. I am afraid that if you have not received goods for orders placed prior to it being taken over then they will not be sent. If you paid by credit card then you can get your money back from them. If you paid by debit card or cash then you are not covered and are unlikely to get your money back. This is according to advice websites. A very sad state of affairs. Who would shop with them again?

    • is this for real???have we lost our money???are we not getting a refund in any way??i used a debit card for international order.No wonder why they do not respond to our emails.If i knew all this mess i wouldn’t purchase anything from them..

  5. I have sent 3 emails, nothing, they took my money on the 14th August, I was told by people in the shop that I would get response in ten days, nothing, house of fraser still open for a while in chichester, but I won’t go in, out of principle…..I’m very disappointed in the what was a reliable shop…

  6. Sorry to be not on your side, but we knew for months MONTHS that HOF were struggling. I would have only used a credit card to buy anything from them this year as it was clear that it was all coming to a head. Just like with Debanhams I would not buy anything with a debit card or cash if the item is not in my hands.


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