Alibaba offers its high-tech solutions to retailers in A100 Strategic Partnership

Alibaba update
// Alibaba launched A100 Strategic Partnership programme to help retailers improve their digital operations
// This offers traders access to Alibaba’s high-tech services like cloud computing, logistics and payment solutions

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Alibaba has launched a new programme designed to help brands “drive the digitisation process” offering access to its raft of high-tech solutions.

The A100 Strategic Partnership, powered by the Chinese retail behemoth’s business operating system, offers brands access to what it calls a “comprehensive commercial operating system”, which includes services like cloud computing, marketing, corporate communications, payment and logistics.

It will aid retailers in both expanding and improving its online and digital operations, while appealing to the “more tech-savvy” Chinese retail market.

“Three years ago, Alibaba group founder Jack Ma introduced the concept of New Retail, and the idea of integrating online and offline resonated with many,” Alibaba chief executive Daniel Zhang said.

“Now, three years later, we have come to the realization to fully unleash the power of New Retail, the focus must not just be on the retail level. There must be a comprehensive commercial operating system to drive the digitization process.

“We believe the system will help draw the consumer and the merchants closer together. By narrowing the gap between supply and demand, the merchants will be able to present the best services and products to their customers.”

A100 partners will work with a designated team or a product manager which will serve as the main go-between between Alibaba and themselves.

It has already provided support for coffee giant Starbucks to help it expand it online retail presence by opening a virtual store, Unilever and Nestlé.

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