The Future of Retail Intelligence 2019 Report


Closings, openings and relocations are causing quite a lot of commotion out there on the high street. The question on many people’s minds is: what does the future hold for bricks-and-mortar? With more than 600 responses analysed from retail professionals across the UK, Spain and the USA, this report offers its readers many telling clues as to what is in store for retail in 2019 and beyond.

Download this report and gain access to:

  • Retail site closing trends from 2018 and opening trends for 2019
  • New types of data being used to develop customer-driven strategies
  • The most effective sales channels for retail businesses
  • The kinds of data retailers are using to gain market intelligence
  • And much more…

Who will become the retailers of the future? Download the full report to find out more.



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