IoT Connectivity & Customer Experience: Guidance for Retailers


Retail is in the midst of a major revolution in the way businesses are operated and the need to keep up with customer demands. IoT connectivity plays a key role in delivering increased personalisation and convenience to the customer experience, which in turn enhances business performance. Benefiting from the flexibility and simplicity of a fully managed cellular IoT connectivity service, retailers can operate anywhere, any time. In this white paper Arm set out to provide vital tips and information on how IoT connectivity can improve personalisation of customer experience; how IoT connectivity allows retailers to be more flexible; as well as look at the advantage of cellular connectivity for ease of deployment and management.

The white paper is set in three parts. The first part looks at how to build customer loyalty for omnichannel retail success, delving into offline retail’s role in the online world and how offline encounters can improve customer experiences online. The second part looks at how IoT as a retail game changer, and its role in stock checking, mobile point of sale, digital signage, vending machines, and more, and how connectivity enhances the shopping experience —not just for customers but also for retailers. The third and final part focuses on building customer loyalty for omnichannel retail success through the application of crucial business elements such as flexibility, deployment, and streamline management.

Click here to download the IoT Connectivity & Customer Experience whitepaper.


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