Retailers Cheat Sheet For European ECommerce


Online Retailers’ Cheat Sheet for eCommerce in Europe

Thinking about expanding your online business into Europe? We don’t blame you. In 2018 alone, cross border eCommerce revenue in Europe was worth a whopping 137 billion euros!

However, with European eCommerce comes a whole slew of challenges for retailers. What markets have the most sales potential for your particular product offering? Does your online store have the capacity to open up to new languages, currencies, and VAT rates? What legal requirements are needed for cross-border trading in Europe?

To help retailers and merchants to overcome the roadblocks that are preventing them from taking a piece of the multi-billion euro pie, the team at Kooomo just released ‘The Online Retailers’ Cheat Sheet for European eCommerce’.  This cheat sheet covers everything you need to know about trading in Europe in a nutshell, including:

  • Developing an expansion strategy
  • Product restrictions in Europe
  • Preferred payment methods
  • Understanding varying VAT rates
  • Translation versus localisation
  • European eCommerce laws & regulations

Download the cheat sheet now to ensure that your business is equipped to break into new European markets and primed for success from Day 1!

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