Sainsbury’s cuts prices on over 1000 own-brand items

Sainsbury's prices
// Sainsbury’s cut prices on over 1000 own-brand prices
// Customers are able to save £5.85, or 18% on an average basket shop

Sainsbury’s has slashed prices on over 1000 own-brand products as part of its bid “to offer the customers the best choice”.

The Big 4 grocer said it had cut prices on daily essentials and household items since February.

Customers are able to save £5.85, or 18 per cent on an average basket shop.

Two litres of semi-skimmed milk will now cost £1.10, down from £1.15; chicken breast fillets now £3.60, down from £4.30; and mature cheddar now £2, down from £2.05.

According to Sainsbury’s food commercial director Paul Mills-Hicks, the reductions were part of the grocer’s focus on reducing prices across its highest volume lines.

“Sainsbury’s is committed to offering our customers quality products at great value. Customers should expect more to come,” he said.

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  1. Sainsburys’ prices are high. I had to spend £ 10 in Sainsburys to get free parking last Saturday. It was a real effort to find anything which compared with my local Lidl prices…I had to pay £ 2 for 1 kg of own label granola cf the same stuff @ £ 1.45 from Lidl… that’s about 27.5% cheaper at Lidl

  2. If you want the best you pay for it . Saying where we are Sainsburys are cheaper then Asda and many stores. You also do not pay for parking.

  3. I agree with you mate, personally, I think that it’s a Sainsbury’s publicity stunt to be honest, as the ‘big four’ are bricking it due to Lidl and Aldi snapping at their heels! Whenever the big four release sales figures, they start bleating about profits being down, and I for one have no sympathy for them, they’ve had it too good for too long, so it’s about time that someone showed them how it’s done…..keep up the good work Lidl and Aldi

  4. We tried Aldi breakfast cereals for our kids and the kids loved them but we were horrified when we compared the ingredients and just how much more sugar there was in the cheaper things. Not always black/white.

  5. Aldi model of operation works well.
    All the top 4 supermarkets are certainly feeling the Pinch.
    I was amazed last Christmas seeing in bag of Brussel sprouts in a little Mark’s and expensive
    At 4.50 a bag 480 gram.
    Aldi 500gram 59p.


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