Is your business prepared as fraudsters focus on loyalty programmes?


Is your business prepared as fraudsters focus on Loyalty  Programmes?

Great news as Forter launches its Loyalty Programme Protection solution to protect  programmes from fraud and abuse, enabling merchants to offer enhanced programmes with the best possible customer experience.

With an abundance of redemption options, points are almost as liquid as cash and legitimate customer accounts are vulnerable to exploitation. It is estimated that unclaimed rewards are valued at £100 billion whilst points fraudulently redeemed each year stands at £1 billion.

Enterprises are struggling to limit damage as fraud attacks shift from the point of transaction to different elements of the buyer’s journey, including new account signup, login, promotion and coupon use.

Take our interactive quiz to find out if your business is prepared for online fraudsters

Download our white paper ‘Loyalty Fraud: Attacks From All Sides’ to learn:

  • Why loyalty programmes are being increasingly targeted by fraudsters
  • Attack vectors fraudsters use to target loyalty programmes and the damage they’re causing your business
  • Current fraud prevention techniques and why they may not be equipped to handle today’s sophisticated fraudsters


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