Coronavirus: M&S stores will remain open, CEO Steve Rowe says

Marks & Spencer m&s covid-19
Staff from the clothing & home team will join the food team to help M&S cope with increased demand
// M&S stores will stay open but cubicle-based bra & suit-fitting services have been closed
// Contact-free delivery service will be available for clothing, home, flowers, hampers & wine orders
// Currency refunds will be offered to those who can’t travel due to the coronavirus outbreak

Marks & Spencer has announced that its stores and business functions will remain open, as it puts new measures in place to support customers and colleagues amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Chief executive Steve Rowe said staff from the clothing and home team will be joining the food teams to help with increased demand.

M&S’s clothing fitters will still be available to advise customers but the retailer’s cubicle-based bra and suit-fitting services have been closed until further notice.


“Colleagues across the stores and supply chain have been provided with additional hygiene products to use and extra cleaning is taking place to keep up our excellent standards for you and our teams,” Rowe said.

M&S has also introduced a contact-free delivery service for all clothing, home, flowers, hampers and wine orders to allow for zero hand-to-hand contact – with the driver leaving the delivery at a customer’s door.

Meanwhile, M&S Bank is set up to support those who are concerned about the impact on finances amid the outbreak.

Currency refunds will be offered to those who can no longer travel as a result of flights being cancelled.

“For over 135 years, M&S, our customers, and the communities we serve, have faced into challenges big and small, and come through them all by supporting each other and working together,” Rowe said.

“Now, as ever, the entire M&S team – across our stores, our support centres, our warehouses and in our supply chain – is working tirelessly to deliver for our customers.

“I would also like to say a huge thank you to you – our customers – for your loyalty and understanding during these exceptional times.

“It’s the kindness and support that we give to each other that will help us get through these unprecedented times.”

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  1. As a member of the M&S food team with underlying ill health I find myself self-isolating for 12 weeks. I would like to wish all my colleagues good luck and good health. Keep smiling guys. I face hard times due to being forced to take unpaid leave but have to put the health of my family and I first. The staff at M&S are the best, most professional you will find. Please support our shops!

    • I hope you are well very soon. I hope you are not worried about the financial implications and any possible hardships.
      I have continued to use M&S as I always do. Their Simply Food shop in Newport is invaluable at this moment.
      Best wishes x

    • I believe there may be an update that came down from Steve Rowe yesterday that I have not been officially told about . I started my 12 week isolation today as told by the government to do so due to underlying ill health . My worry is about pay as it is with everyone .

  2. Disgusting that you are putting your staff at risk all for profit.
    Shut the shops and sell online. Those who want to work can do those operations.

    • Absolutely agree. And they’re certainly not protecting the staff in the food halls – no hand sanitizers, gloves available for till staff, bakeries still open.

  3. “Those who want to work”?? Who wants to work in this situation? And we are talking about a food business, the first thing you need when you wake up . And it’s not profit, its the economic circle.

  4. With the government announcement yesterday that they will be supporting 80% of the staff wages during this unprecedented time. Why has the company not announced the same support for those members of staff that are over 70 and have underlining health issues. The government has told us all to self isolate for twelve weeks so they should be paid and not left to struggle financially for the three mouths or even longer. Please get back to me on this issue via e-mail thanks G.

  5. My mum has been told by her line manager she will not get paid if she self isolates as advised by the government even though she is in the over 70 vulnerable category. However if she was to have symptoms she would be paid. Surely Marks & Spencer are not following the government guidelines and are putting their vulnerable staff at risk! Please can you comment @steverowe

  6. Why are delivery drivers still allowed to deliver and build M&S furniture in homes?? This is not contact-free. Stop this now!!

  7. M&S will have blood on their hands as they are not looking after their staff like other retailers. Steve Rowe is a disgrace, isolating somewhere while giving out messages that M&S are feeding the nation, it’s a disgusting lack of care for staff.

  8. wow i thourght i was on my own here so pleased to here your comments my son has self isolated due myself and my wife we are both very high risk not his fault . i always believed m&s were a cut above but stating wartime spirit blah blah ok mr rowe roll up ypur sleeves jump on a till at the checkouts with your little bottle of anti bac to wipe down and spend just one whole daywith customers breathing coughing sneezing over you after all war time spirit an all that o yeah my wife informed me lets not shop there anymore yes i a can envoke that spirit and lastly if all supermarket workers become ill what then .shame on the lot of you mr rowe

  9. What about your warehouse in Derby .it is cloths not essential and no sanitizer no distancing between staff awful just awful get your finger out M&S close down and pay your staff

  10. I am a carer for my mum. She is 87. I work part time at Marks but rely on the money I earn there. It’s a very small amount monthly. I am a long serving member of staff. I couldn’t bare to pass on the virus to my mum so am taking unpaid compassionate leave. To do this for a few weeks I can do but months. …..I may be forced to go back if I have no money before this pandemic to is over. So much I could say about why I felt so vulnerable to contracting the disease at work but that’s for afterwards l.

  11. Hi I am in the same position not being paid .worked for m s for 45ys .have got to self isolate to keep my husband alive .and they won’t pay me . Keep safe to you all .

  12. I work for M&S food. No screens at til points like in Morrison and no masks or hand sanitizers at till points. Still filling up shelves shoulder to shoulder with my colleagues. Baguettes still sold in open packets. Where is safety there?

  13. M&S must be losing a fortune, We always shopped at M&S but now it is not possible because you do not do deliveries and you don’t allow pre orders that could be picked up by family members. You have forced us to have deliveries from Waitrose.
    You do pre ordering at Xmas so you must have been able to do it now.


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