Wilko to cut sick pay for 21,000 workers amid coronavirus outbreak

Wilko coronavirus sick pay
Wilko said the move was made to prevent workers from "taking advantage" of its sick pay policy
// Wilko will make cuts to 21,000 colleagues’ sick pay
// The move comes as the retailer aims to level up to rivals in the market
// It has denied the cuts are in any relation to the coronavirus outbreak

Wilko is reportedly making cuts to the sick pay of its 21,000 workers in a bid to “be competitive in the marketplace”.

From April 1, 2020, employees in stores and warehouses will no longer receive sick pay from their second absence, Mirror Money reported.

The news comes after confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK topped 100 in the last week.


However, Wilko has denied that the sick pay cuts are in any way related to the coronavirus outbreak.

It said should any team members need time off as a result of Covid-19, they will be paid company sick pay as “an exceptional circumstance”.

Wilko added that the move has been made to prevent workers from “taking advantage” of its sick pay policy.

In documents, Wilko informed staff that it will be withdrawing sick pay for all workers after their second absence.

Wilko has also been in talks with the GMB union, which represents staff, about its need to reduce sickness absence levels in a bid to level up to its rivals.

The GMB union described the decision as a punishment for workers.

Wilko maintained that it would continue to “do the right thing” but plans are to go ahead as of April 1.

Earlier this year, Wilko promoted its group transformation director and managing director of the online business, Jerome Saint-Marc, to the role of chief executive.

This marked the first time someone has held the chief executive role at Wilko since Stuart Mitchell stepped down in 2012.

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  1. I understand people take the piss with sickness but there are certain events that u can’t just help. I’m not surprised after a lot of customers have said they ain’t shopping at wilkos any more after this and the way the staff are treated…..

  2. Wilko is horrible place to work, they dont care about their workers they only care about how to make profits even during the corona virus which is pathetic, they are happy to make large profits due to corona virus situation.

  3. I would like to know what measures wilko are taking to protect their staff from the coronavirus? Especially those sitting on the tills.

  4. I think that’s dreadful. Sick pay isn’t enough to live on anyway… even Matt Hancock agrees he couldn’t live on it.


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