Asda staff revolt over £100m pay gap in Sainsbury’s merger

Asda is facing a backlash on staff pay after it was revealed that Sainsbury’s staff will be paid 70p more an hour.

Amazon accused of breaking Chinese law over factory working practices

Amazon has come under fire from a workers’ rights group over its treatment of factory workers in China.
Amazon recruitment

Amazon’s 2500 new jobs will bring total UK workforce to 27,500

Amazon has just announced yet another recruitment drive with the creation of 2500 new permanent jobs.
Sainsbury's staff pay

MPs & unions intensify feud with Sainsbury’s over staff pay changes

Sainsbury's has been accused of "holding a gun to workers' heads" as MPs and unions stepped up their criticism of the retailer.
Sainsbury's pay

Sainsbury’s confirms staff pay changes as consultation period ends

Sainsbury’s has confirmed plans to introduce changes to how colleagues are rewarded, after a consultation process ended.
Sainsbury's staff contracts

Theresa May urged to intervene on Sainsbury’s staff pay controversy

Theresa May has been urged to intervene in a dispute between Sainsbury's and its shop floor workers.

Sainsbury’s makes changes on employee pay overhaul

Sainsbury’s has made altered controversial plans to make changes to staff pay after weeks of backlash from employees.
job growth

Retail blamed for slowest job growth since 2010

The retail sector has emerged as the sector that has endured the biggest decline in job growth.

Fenwick modernisation drive could spell job losses

Fenwick has announced plans to “modernise and reorganise the business” leading many to fear for their jobs.
Marks & Spencer

450 jobs at risk as M&S closes another distribution centre

450 jobs have been thrown into uncertainty as Marks & Spencer announces the closure of its distribution centre in Hardwick Grange

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