Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Lidl creates 300 jobs in Scotland

Lidl is set to create 300 new jobs across across five new stores in Scotland as it drives ahead with its expansion plans.

Bonmarché to axe 140 jobs

Bonmarché is set to slash 140 store assistant jobs while reviewing staff contracts as it enters into a consultation process.
Sainsbury's staff pay

Sainsbury’s handed 124,000-strong petition against staff pay changes

A petition with almost 124,000 signatures backing Sainsbury’s staff who'd be worse off under contract changes has been handed in.

Redundancy: What will happen to retail’s growing unemployed?

Retail redundancies are growing at an alarming rate, but why is but why is this happening and what can be done to change it?
Sainsbury's pay

Theresa May urges retailers to lift pay standards

Theresa May has urged retailers to provide competitive wages and bonus schemes for staff amid Sainsbury's contracts controversy.

Tesco chairman John Allan says apprenticeship levy “not working well at all”

Tesco’s chairman John Allan has called on the government to “fix” the apprenticeship levy.

Asda staff revolt over £100m pay gap in Sainsbury’s merger

Asda is facing a backlash on staff pay after it was revealed that Sainsbury’s staff will be paid 70p more an hour.
Amazaon Sainbsury's

Amazon accused of breaking Chinese law over factory working practices

Amazon has come under fire from a workers’ rights group over its treatment of factory workers in China.
Amazon recruitment

Amazon’s 2500 new jobs will bring total UK workforce to 27,500

Amazon has just announced yet another recruitment drive with the creation of 2500 new permanent jobs.
Sainsbury's staff pay

MPs & unions intensify feud with Sainsbury’s over staff pay changes

Sainsbury's has been accused of "holding a gun to workers' heads" as MPs and unions stepped up their criticism of the retailer.

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