66 more Maplin jobs as search for buyer continues

66 more job losses have been announced at the Maplin head offices in London and Rotherham while the search for a buyer continues.

98 jobs lost as Toys R Us closes distribution centre

Toys R Us’ UK distribution centre closed today making nearly 100 staff redundant as the failed retailer continues wind down
Toys R Us US

30,000 jobs under threat as Toys R Us US collapses

Toys R Us US arm has announced that it will close all 885 of its stores jeopardizing more than 30,000 jobs.
pay changes

MP: 10% of staff to lose out in Sainsbury’s proposed pay changes

The controversy surrounding Sainsbury’s proposed changes to staff pay has continued to develop.
Harrods pay cut

Harrods staff face 25% cut to sales commissions

Harrods staff are reportedly facing the prospect of parts of the pay cut amid an overhaul on sales commissions.
Toys R Us

Redundancies imminent as Toys R Us prepares to make closures

Toys R Us stores are expected to start making redundancies and closing stores over the next week.

Sainsbury’s accused of using pay rise as “smokescreen” to cut benefits

Sainsbury’s has been accused by Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh of using the recently announced staff pay rises as a “smokescreen”.
equal pay

Next could back-pay £30m amid major equal pay claim

Next has become the first fashion retailer to face a major equal pay claim as over 300 workers have registered.
best retailer to work for

John Lewis named best retailer to work for

Department store giant John Lewis has been named the best retailer to work for in the UK.

Sainsbury’s becomes highest paying grocer as 130,000 staff get pay rise

Sainsbury’s has announced a 15 per cent pay rise for its store staff, raising the base rate of pay from £8.00 to £9.20 per hour.

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