[Webinar] Rising to Today’s Retail Sanitation Challenge


Welcome Back Your Customers Through Best Practices & Robotics

The recent health crisis has prioritized cleaning efficacy in retail environments around the globe. But what is the new standard for clean in today’s changing world, and how can store managers and operational executives win back the trust and support of customers as things begin to open up?

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn the latest retail cleaning best practices that decrease the risk of disease transfer and safety, while maintaining the store image that customers expect. Understand how a growing number of retailers are using autonomous cleaning robots to enhance cleaning efficacy and give time back to essential workers so they can sanitize high-contact surfaces, restock shelves, support customers, and even catch a much-needed break.

Hear from experts across the cleaning industry, including Dennis Goodwin of ISSA EMEA, Europe’s premier cleaning industry association. He’ll speak alongside executives from Brain Corp and Tennant Company, who in partnership have successfully deployed thousands of cleaning robots in retail environments.



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