Sustainability + Conscious Consumerism (New report)

Did you know that 75% of UK shoppers are modifying their buying behaviour due to ethical concerns, and that 85% of retail technology leaders will invest the same or more in sustainable shopping initiatives next year?

In our latest report Sustainable Shopping: How tech can facilitate conscious consumerism, we reveal the key sustainable shopping initiatives that retailers will be focusing on in the next 12-months and offer ideas for how charity and retail can work together to deliver what consumers want.

The report also features re-sale, rental and eco case studies from IKEA, Selfridges and Tesco and a hot-off-the-press infographics from a survey of retail tech leaders where we sought to understand their priorities and goals around sustainable shopping services.

Download now.


  1. I don’t understand why so many plastic bags have to be used for clothing bought online and not alternatives. They end up binned causing plastic waste and shopping in the high st saves on bags. Another thing I hope newspapers stop putting magazines in plastic bags, salads get recyclable bags I have to throw so many it’s a shame.


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