3 retailers raising the bar during Mental Health Week

Once again, mental health awareness month is upon us and despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, some retailers are still finding ways to further support their staff during these uncertain times.

These are the retailers who have updated or introduced new measures in time for mental health awareness month.
Mental Health Awareness Week is May 10-16.

One in four people will experience a mental health issue of some kind each year in England, according to the mental health charity Mind.

Working on the frontline during these uncertain times has been difficult for many workers. with a survey from Usdaw reporting that an alarming number of members feel that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on their mental health.

With 70 per cent of respondents commenting that they felt increasingly stressed and anxious, while expressed concerns about the long-term impact on their mental health, some retailers have implemented new measures to further support their staff.

Here are three of them.

Victoria’s Secret

In honour of mental health awareness month, Victoria’s Secret has launched a new initiative encouraging consumers to show how they take care of their mental health on various social media platforms.

For every post with the hashtag #makeyourmove on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok, Victoria’s Secret will donate $1 to The Jed Foundation, a non-profit organisation that helps protect young people’s mental health and prevent suicide.

For every week throughout the month, the retailer and founder will share experiences and knowledge on topics such as self-expression, nutrition, exercise tips, self-care, and coping strategies.

“We’re excited to kick off the ‘Make Your Move Fest’ and to be working with so many great partners to put a spotlight on mental health,” said Amy Hauk, chief executive of Victoria’s Secret Pink division.

“Since the launch of our Pink with Purpose platform, we’ve been doubling down on our efforts to share resources and real-life stories around struggle and resilience.

“And while we wish we could all be together in-person, this initiative is a way for us to forge connections and create a positive impact in this digital world we’re living in.”

Travis Perkins

Travis Perkins recently announced it was on track to deliver on its commitment to ensure there were six times more mental health first aiders in the business this summer than there were at the start of the year.

The firm, which owns the Toolstation retail chain, will be increasing the number of accredited mental health first aiders from 40 to over 250 by the summer as part of a wide range of mental health support services.

These include an employee assistance programme for counselling and emotional support, a mental wellbeing app and assessment tool, and activity and mindfulness resources.

Travis Perkins also offers discounts on gym memberships, exercise equipment and online fitness to help staff balance the physical, financial and mental aspects of wellbeing. 

“Our mental health first aiders play a key role as ambassadors across all areas of wellbeing; to be the first port of call in the workplace for mental health support for colleagues, raise awareness and encourage positive behaviours amongst our workforce on a voluntary basis, and to identify signs of poor mental health and help individuals access professional support if they need it,” Travis Perkins group HSE director Richard Byrne said.

“But we are very clear that they are not there to diagnose or provide ongoing support or counselling”

Travis Perkins’ mental health first aiders all follow the guidelines of MHFA England.

In addition, the company has put in place a range of support mechanisms to safeguard of the mental health first aiders themselves to help them protect their own health and wellbeing.


Superdrug launches mental health services partnership in response to impact of lockdown easing | MobiHealthNews

Last year Superdrug launched an app to support people’s mental health during the height of the pandemic.

This week though, the retailer launched its first ever Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report as it commits to a new sustainability programme.

The new report coincides with Superdrug’s campaign named Doing Good Feels Super, which runs this month across all internal and external communication channels, including In store, digital, PR and social.

Superdrug, which employs over 12,500 people and launched its diversity and inclusivity strategy in 2016, has been developing its approach to support colleagues in wellbeing – financial, mental, physical and social wellbeing.

If you work in retail and need help, contact RetailTrust on 0808 801 0808 or visit retailtrust.org.uk for information

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