5 retailers that did a u-turn on boycotting GB News

GB news retailers boycott
GB News first launched on June 13.

GB News launched on June 13 as an alternative to mainstream broadcast media with a right-leaning perspective.

The channel’s founder Andrew Neil announced that the platform would challenge the so-called cancel culture and woke behaviour.

When the channel launched – aside from the jokes on social media about its apparent poor production value – dozens of businesses and retailers alike were quickly pressured to withdraw advertising from the channel – and many did so.

However, many have since u-turned on that decision.

These are the retailers advertising with GB News or are backing the channel – after initially distancing themselves:


Amazon rolls out pilot programme on Covid testing for UK workers


Co-op Steve Murrells carbon emissions BRC



The Swedish furniture backtracked on its decision to suspend adverts on GB News by saying it was “simply too soon” to decide whether GB News adheres with its “advertising policy and brand guidelines”.

Ingka Group Ikea investment



Microsoft sales


Travis Perkins shareholders give Wickes spin-off the green light

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    • What a ridiculous article. These business just couldn’t decide which whiney snowflakes they’d rather lose , the right wing whiners or the left wing ones.

  1. Hello there – having watched GB news every day since it started, I have yet to encounter anything that could be considered ‘right leaning’. Please do ask your journalists to research what they are commenting on before writing articles, as these sorts of errors tend to dilute the credibility of the publication.

    • Presumably because you’re so right leaning yourself you can’t tell what neutral coverage is meant to be.

      Similar to how you get groups of right wing nutters declaring the BBC liberal Corbynites and groups of left wing nutters declaring them the Conservative party mouthpiece.

      While it’s clear that it is no Fox News (yet…), its pretty ludicrous to try and pretend it’s not right-leaning.

  2. Disappointed to see so few… However it is still a start back to reality. These are large well established businesses in the main. Its the smaller operators that should also be making a return, but are far more affected by the large Corporations out there over supply contracts… In effect they will be bullied into not advertising for fear of losing their supply chains…
    As for the quality and nature of the new GB NEWS CHANNEL it will always take some time to get to a more settled and professional level…. It will represent a very refreshing change to the Biased British Corporations output especially with open discussions and real dialogue to inform people about the issues and to then let them make their OWN INFORMED DECISION…
    The alternative is to let everything go to a politicised platform eventually leading to the important real facts being left out…
    The demise of real news in the USA from the mainstream media outlets is a very real warning for us all…

    • Technical problems yes but I’m loving much of GB News
      What a change from woke,snowflake fake news BBC,Sky and the rest!
      Their days are over

      • Leaving aside the cringe worthy use of “woke” and “snowflake”, which news precisely has been fake on those channels?

        You’ve latched on to Trump’s favourite catchphrase, are you able to provide a more lucid argument for it than he’s ever been able to give?

        • you only need to go as far as BBC bitesize education to see what lefty nonsense they are teaching to our children and BBC IPlayer to see most programs viewed through the lense of race

  3. They purchased advertising via an agency and therefore had no control over the initial airing of ads on GB Views channel.
    This “story” is as pointless as GB Views, a mindless puff piece.

  4. Who on earth are these retailers who go out of their way to upset the silent majority of this Great United Kingdom by taking the side of minority lobbyists. I am heartedly fed up of a lefty so called Public Broadcaster who whinge and whine at anything to do with a Government that has a huge majority and has had a unprecedented pandemic to deal with. The sooner GB NEWS can compete with the BBC Today programme on the radio the better as the current Editors and presenters are, to my mind, certainly not impartial.

  5. i think there is a place for it and if you disagree with content then don’t watch it. it certainly is not ‘don’t fund hate’ criteria that some are trying to make out and the basis for pressure on advertisers.
    But the sacking of a Presenter for taking the Knee does not seem to fit with their stance against cancel culture or rigorous debate. Surely a debate around this would give more credibility than what they did. Against cancel culture except when it suites them.


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