Beaverbrooks enjoys boost as UK prepares festivities after Freedom Day

Beaverbrooks enjoys boost as UK prepares festivities after Freedom Day
// Beaverbrooks sees huge increase in wedding ring sales throughout May-June as the UK preps for larger wedding parties after July 19
// Wedding ring sales doubled in May compared with same period in 2019
// First week in May was up 160 per cent on first week of May 2019, the peak of lockdown #1

Beaverbooks has enjoyed a major boost in wedding ring sales throughout May and June as the UK awaits the date for all restrictions lifting, after which bigger wedding parties can take place.

In the two days following the government’s initial announcement earlier this month that the so-called Freedom Day will take place July 19, Beaverbooks experienced a 61 per cent increase in wedding ring sales versus the same period in 2019 – the jewellery retailer’s most profitable year.

The gradual easing of restrictions after 15 months of various restrictions – including three lockdowns – has led to what Beaverbrooks describes as a “bridal boom” in recent weeks, as couples flocked to stores to purchase rings for their wedding day to take place after July 19.

While the jeweller noted an initial spike in demand after its 72 stores opened in mid-April, the growth has continued to accelerate since then.

The retailer added that compared with the same period in 2019, May alone saw record highs with sales doubling across the month, on top of a 160 per cent increase in wedding ring sales in the first week alone.

Beaverbrooks added that this trend continued into June, with wedding ring sales up 38 per cent on the same month in 2019.

“With so many people sadly having to postpone or cancel weddings over the last year, it’s no wonder that couples simply can’t wait to finally get married in 2021,” Beaverbrooks managing director Anna Blackburn said.

“This boost in confidence and the pent-up demand from so many delayed events has been reflected in customer behaviour, with couples eager to show their love for each other despite turbulent times.

“As well as wedding and engagement rings we’ve also seen a significant increase in our wider gifting categories.

“While we know wedding celebrations may not be able to go ahead exactly as planned, it’s great to see so many couples now able to enjoy their special day in 2021.

“We are delighted to have seen so many customers return to stores and purchase sentimental jewellery pieces for their loved ones, as the excitement of weddings returning grows.”

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