How third-party logistics suppliers can facilitate operations for fashion retailers

The rise of e-commerce has led to a monumental shift in consumer expectations around choice, delivery speed and price, which has introduced new pressures on fashion retailers globally.

For many retailers, it is becoming increasingly common for consumer demand to outweigh the capacity of internal warehousing facilities, so more and more brands are turning to third-party logistics suppliers for support.

Fashion retailers globally can benefit from a bespoke approach to logistics demonstrated by industry leader Rhenus Warehousing Solutions Lutterworth, which offers flexibility and constant support to its customers, covering all aspects of supply chain management from the point of manufacture through to the point of delivery to store or consumer.

The warehousing solutions provider believes in the importance of accuracy in fashion logistics, and launched its ‘Always in Fashion’ campaign last month, which outlines how their core values such as service, value and a personal approach will always be ‘on trend’.

Find out more about how Rhenus can provide solutions for your fashion logistics requirements here.


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