Sainsbury’s bans fireworks across all stores

Sainsbury’s said it regularly reviews the products available in stores

Sainsbury’s has banned the sale of fireworks ahead of Bonfire Night next month as a pet charity warns of the harmful effects on pets.

The grocer first stopped selling fireworks in 2019 in a move which affected all 2300 UK stores.

Sainsbury’s said it regularly reviews the products available in stores and is no longer selling fireworks based on a range of factors.

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“Customers can continue to choose from a range of seasonal products, such as glow sticks and light-up spinning wands,” Sainsbury’s said.

Dogs Trust, a charity focusing on the welfare of dogs, has supported this decision after urging other big retailers to do the same.

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  1. Not good move really because people will take thier dogs to fireworks shows and people who can’t afford expensive show now can’t have thier little ones and the really sultion is to band dogs from fireworks shows ,so I think u have messed this up big time sainsburys

  2. As a local elected councillor, I hear first hand the hazards from fireworks, with the emergency services. Also the impact on our environment. All animals will be affected and those with extra sensory related symptoms?
    Well done to Sainsbury’s. The same with BBQ portable sets ban them near to costal areas. I have witnessed the litter left!

  3. Not only a harm to pets but also for people with PTSD and neurological conditions. Can also be difficult for people with sensory issues like autism to cope with. Ban all fireworks for general sale please. A waste of money and about time. Well done Sainsbury’s.

    • Don’t be so ignorant. You can’t escape the noise of fireworks inside your own home. It’s the fact people use them days leading up to November 5th and catch you off guard that is also the issue.

  4. Well done sainsbury’s 100per cent agree
    There not fun like it use to be one night a year and it’s like bombs going off for weeks load of rubbish


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