Sainsbury’s to scrap HFSS deals by October, urges grocers to follow suit

Sainsbury's has urged other grocers to stick to the original HFSS deadline
// Sainsbury’s will follow Tesco and stick with the government’s original October deadline for scrapping HFSS promotions despite ministers delay a ban on junk food deals by a year
// Sainsbury’s is to focus on making healthier food more affordable

Sainsbury’s has vowed to follow the government’s original October deadline for scrapping HFSS promotions and called on the rest of the grocery sector to follow suit.

Sainsbury’s chief marketing officer Mark Given confirmed: “We are committed to continuing to follow the government’s original HFSS promotional timelines and call on the rest of the industry to do the same.”

The supermarket’s stance comes as the government decided to delay the introduction of a ban on HFSS (high in fat, salt and sugar) volume promotions, along with junk food advertising, for a year in light of the cost-of-living crisis.

Sainsbury’s vow echoes that of Tesco, which yesterday pledged to press ahead with the removal of HFSS promotions.

Given said Sainsbury’s is focusing on making healthy choices more affordable

He said: “In 2016 Sainsbury’s became the first major supermarket in the UK to remove multibuy offers in favour of lower regular prices.

“We know our customers in communities across the country are a facing a cost-of-living crisis and want to continue to provide healthy, nutritious food for their families. Sainsbury’s is dedicated to making healthy choices more affordable and over the last year nearly 60% of our promotions were on healthier or better for you choices.”

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Tesco has also committed to keep prices low of healthy products and introduced new healthy zones in stores. It launched a new campaign called Better Baskets this week, which is designed to help customers shop a healthier and more sustainable basket, without compromising on price.

Tesco UK & ROI CEO Jason Tarry said: “Our mission is to make Tesco the easiest place to shop for a healthy, more sustainable basket – while keeping the cost of the weekly shop in check. It’s vital that we keep making the right calls on behalf of customers and communities.

“Customers are telling us they want to eat a more healthy, sustainable diet, but without having to stretch the weekly shopping budget. We agree and, thanks to our laser-focus on great value, customers won’t need to make that compromise at Tesco.”

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