Tesco launches healthy zones in stores to encourage ‘better choices’

Tesco Better Baskets campaign encourages shoppers to buy more healthy foods
Tesco Better Baskets campaign encourages shoppers to buy more healthy foods
// Tesco has launched its Better Baskets campaign, which encouages shoppers to make “better choices”, with healthy zones in stores
// The grocer has vowed to keep the prices of these healthy items affordable

Tesco has launched healthy zones in its stores as part of its ‘Better Baskets’ campaign, which aims to help customers make “better choices”.

Foods that are high in fibre, plant-based options, low and no alcohol drinks, snacks under 100 calories, and products that have reusable or recyclable packaging, will be signposted in the Better Baskets zones.

Tesco has vowed to make these healthy products more affordable for customers. The majority of products included in the Better Baskets campaign will be at Clubcard Prices, Low Everyday Prices or in Aldi Price Match.

Research among Tesco shoppers found that 86% want to eat more healthy food, and 77% want the supermarket’s help to achieve it. 

Tesco chief customer officer Alessandra Bellini said: “We understand that customers want to make better choices but not have to pay more. Our Better Baskets campaign means there is no compromise. Right now, every little helps.” 

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To support the campaign, chef Jamie Oliver has worked with Tesco and WWF to create new veg-packed recipes, to inspire customers. 

The Better Baskets campaign will be promoted by TV, print and outdoor advertising, along with social media and online

Tesco has been working closely with partner WWF. It is working to halve the environmental impact of the average UK shopping basket and to reduce the calories in its food.

It has already removed 50 billion calories from Tesco products, and it plans to remove 50 billion more by 2025. 

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