New & Lingwood CEO

5 Minutes With Carolyn Springett, CEO, New & Lingwood

We spoke to New & Lingwood chief executive Carolyn Springett about her ambitions for the label and some of the issues facing UK retail.
My 1st Years

5 Minutes With Daniel Price, Co-founder, My 1st Years

The Retail Gazette had a chat with My 1st Years co-founder Daniel Price to find out what's in store now that they have a new chairman for the online retailer.
Heal's CEO Hamish Mansbridge

5 Minutes With Hamish Mansbridge, CEO, Heal’s

The Retail Gazette caught up with Heal's chief executive Hamish Mansbridge to gain his insight on the furniture retail sector.
Shell UK

5 Minutes With David Moss, UK Retail General Manager, Shell

Shell recently announced it would roll out another 20 Budgens stores across its UK petrol stations. With this in mind, we caught up with Shell UK's retail general manager David Moss.
Oliver Sweeney managing director Chris Webster

5 Minutes With Chris Webster, Managing Director, Oliver Sweeney

Oliver Sweeney recently launched a referral marketing campaign that gives current and new customers discounts. We spoke to managing director Chris Webster to find out more.
Naomi Hill Weird Fish

5 Minutes With Naomi Hill, PR Coordinator, Weird Fish

For this week's '5 Minutes With' profile, we spoke to Naomi Hill to find out more about the direction fashion retailer Weird Fish is taking.

5 Minutes With Ettienne Brandt, Managing Director for Channels & Trading, EE

We caught up with EE's managing director of channels and trading, Etienne Brandt, to find out how the firm's Showcase stores were different to their other stores.
Wayfair General Manager

5 Minutes With Martin Reiter, General Manager, Wayfair

Ahead of the November launch of Wayfair's new campaign featuring ITV's Lorraine Kelly, we spoke to the brand's general manager, Martin Reiter, for this week's '5 Minutes With' profile.
Ian Murphy

5 Minutes With Ian Murphy, Co-Founder & CEO, Enex Technologies

We spoke to Enex Technology‘s co-founder and CEO Ian Murphy to discover more about their journey so far and why working with a young mind can bring a host of benefits to retailers.
Adeel Fiaz ego ceo

5 Minutes With Adeel Fiaz, Co-CEO, EGO Footwear

In the space of two years EGO, has generated over £1m in sales & 1m visitors per month. It recently re-launched online, so we chat to co-CEO Adeel Fiaz

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