5 minutes with Mark King, Sales Director, ShopperTrak

Tell us a little bit about ShopperTrak

ShopperTrak, a Sensormatic Solutions Brand, is a trusted advisor to retailers and shopping centres worldwide. We work with internationally renowned brands and through our unique retail technology and analysis solutions, we can identify key in-store and online profit opportunities in areas such as customer conversions, queue management, sales, marketing, and merchandising. Our insights support retail benchmarking between stores and sites.

We also pioneered and manage the now globally-recognised ShopperTrak Index, a set of national trend indexes measuring shopper numbers, which is relied upon by retailers and shopping centres across the globe as a consistent and trusted performance benchmark.

Your real-time occupancy counting solution looks interesting. What is it?

Real-time occupancy is providing our customers with reliable accurate data to manage their public spaces. With the need to promote social distancing, it has never been more important to know how many people are in your physical buildings. Having this data in real-time enables retailers to make informed decisions on shopper density and to control numbers safely, optimise cleaning schedules and understand staffing needs.

How useful will this be to retailers in the time of coronavirus?

Not only will our Occupancy Solution help retailers maintain social distancing by ensuring their stores are not over capacitated, it will also help them understand the optimal level in what the ‘new normal’ retail environment is. From a head office perspective, it will also be easy to understand which stores are complying and which stores could improve.

What gap in the retail market does ShopperTrak’s real-time occupancy solution strive to address?

Reliable accurate data from a trusted advisor who already provide a service to the retail market place. This is all about the safety of staff and customers alike.

Why or how is the technology unique?

The technology is not necessarily unique, however, the application and our experience makes this a reliable data source that retailers can trust.  As the retail industry continues to navigate forward in this unprecedented situation, they’re likely facing a multitude of changes that need to happen rapidly involving staff, inventory, customers, and operations. That’s where we can help.

Why is it more important than ever for retailers to partner with ShopperTrak?

With ShopperTrak’s vast experience and global customer base, we are able to provide insight into how other countries are handling social distancing guidelines and their experiences coming out of lockdown. We are conducting a series of webinars over the next two weeks specifically to share our knowledge.

The webinars sound interesting. Tell us more about these.

The ‘new normal’ is bringing so many changes and questions to retail. How are consumers buying in the post-COVID world? Is COVID-19 changing my competitive landscape? How can occupancy counting help maintain social distancing recommendations?

Looking into traffic data and trends from all over the world can help answer those questions and empower retailers to take the best strategies. We will analyse the retail reopening trends from all over the world, and how retailers are planning to affront the new normal.

What is your role at ShopperTrak?

I am UK and Ireland Sales Director. I look after our team of consultants who are responsible for the relationships with shopping centres and retail clients. Ranging from small boutique retailers up to global multi-national luxury brands, shopping centres, and more recently in the supermarkets, helping them understand their occupancy levels.

What are some of the other solutions offered by ShopperTrak?

ShopperTrak is part of Sensormatic Solutions, we are not only offering traffic data, but also loss prevention, inventory intelligence (RFID tracking), CCTV , and access control. This makes Sensormatic a truly one stop business for the vast majority of the physical requirements for most retailers.

What role do you think ShopperTrak’s real-time occupancy solution has in the future of retail?

Not only is this answering the social distancing concerns that we have now, but in the future occupancy will be used to understand whether the staff to customer ratio is offering the best service to that customer and optimising the retail opportunity.

To find out more about ShopperTrak’s Occupancy Solution, click here.

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