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Big Interview

Big Interview: Jo Causon, CEO, The Institute of Customer Service

Wednesday 29 March 2017 - Posted by Ben Stevens

In the modern world, it will prove very difficult for many of us to remember the last day we had where we did not encounter customer service in some form. Whether that be buying your lunch, shopping online or even going to the bank. As something that permeates our lives so ext...


Big Interview: Lynn Ritson, Global Ecommerce Director, Cath Kidston

Thursday 09 March 2017 - Posted by Ben Stevens

In the Brexit age, leading business minds are set on what the UK has to offer the rest of the world. The country's natural resources cannot compete with the likes of China, the US or even Australia, and neither can its manufacturing capabilities. However, one thing the UK can ...


Big Interview: Adele Cooper, UK & Ireland Country Manager, Pinterest

Friday 24 February 2017 - Posted by Ben Stevens

Social media is playing an increasingly significant role in the world of retail. Take London Fashion Week, for example. Once an invitation-only affair, it has now transformed into a global event which fashionistas can experience from their own bedrooms. More importantly, it al...


Big Interview: Kim Bayley, CEO, Entertainment Retailers Association

Wednesday 01 February 2017 - Posted by Ben Stevens

Last year was an incredibly turbulent year for retail. From the downfall of many historic retailers to the ailing fashion industry, to the paradigm shift of Brexit. But one sector that seems to have weathered this storm is entertainment retail. For the second year running, mus...


Big Interview: Nahal Yousefian, International VP Culture and Engagement, Tesco

Tuesday 17 January 2017 - Posted by Ben Stevens

Huge multinational companies need far more than a good product base and supply chain, they must also lead the way in understanding the intricacies of their ever-changing customer base as well as their employees. Tesco started life in 1929, and owes its success to innovative re...


Big Interview: Francesca Romana Gianesin, Fashion & Lifestyle VP, Disney

Thursday 05 January 2017 - Posted by Ben Stevens

Disney is a company so synonymous with popular culture that it's often hard to categorise. Having undertaken a monumental expansion process in the past decade, acquiring Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars, its output of iconic films is reaching new heights. Alongside its successful f...


Big Interview: Cas Paton, CEO, Onbuy

Wednesday 07 December 2016 - Posted by Ben Stevens

Amazon appears to be an almost unstoppable behemoth, releasing a new revolutionary retail concept almost weekly. From the Amazon Dash to this week’s announcement of a grocery store with no payment tills, it seems like an exercise in futility to take them on. Yet, in true Briti...


Big Interview: Ken Daly, CEO of JML

Wednesday 09 November 2016 - Posted by Ben Stevens

JML has become one of the most recognisable retail brands in the UK, not least because of its innovative and often novel products, but because of its unique business model. It sells everything from cat toys to copper-stone frying pans and does so in a way almost no other retai...


Big Interview: David Mordecai, CEO of Hawkin's Bazaar

Saturday 22 October 2016 - Posted by Ben Stevens

Christmas is fast approaching, with Selfridges already unveiling their Christmas window displays and Hamleys launching their 2016 Christmas toy ranges. One retailer who is trying to move away from their association with the feative season is legacy toy retailer Hawkin’s Bazaar...


Big Interview: Jason Shorrock, VP of Retail Strategy EMEA at JDA

Thursday 06 October 2016 - Posted by Ben Stevens

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) is now the highest it has ever been, following a significant boost in low paid worker’s wages at the start of the month. Earlier this year the country also saw the National Living Wage (NLW) hit equal peaks, with the wheels set in motion for it ...