WH Smith expects end of year results to be on track

WH Smith expects end of year results to be on track

By Michael Somerville - 11:17AM - Thu 22nd August 2013

WH Smith has confirmed its end of year results will be “in line with market expectations.”

The company said that its travel business has continued its “good performance” and is making further progress in winning new business in both the UK and international travel markets.

It added that its High Street business remains focused on gross margin gains and tight cost control as it continues to deliver a solid performance, despite the “relatively strong publishing schedule” in the second half of the prior year.

The retailer described both businesses as “highly cash generative.”

WH Smith are planning to open up 30 units across the UK and have plans to ‘refresh’ their stores over the upcoming year.

It will prepare its results for the year ending 31 August 2013 on 10 October.

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