Tesco roll out online service in China

Tesco roll out online service in China

By Michael Somerville - 12:08PM - Fri 28th June 2013

The world’s third largest retailer announced on Wednesday the launch of its online shopping service in China.

Tesco’s online service will initially only be available in Shanghai and will feature free delivery from their stores.

Other retailers to launch an online service include the world largest retailer, US Wal-Mart, who increased its stake in Chinese online grocery store Yihaodian, to 51 percent which will boost its online presence in the country.

“Paul Ritchie, Tesco China CEO commented on the news and said: Tesco China’s online shopping service will enhance our role as a multi-channel retailer and provide a better shopping experience for customers in the digital age.”

The retailer’s e-commerce mainly will cover general grocery’s, vegetables, fruits and daily use articles, and will feature its own logistics system.

Tesco could launch its online grocery business across 50 Chinese cities if a trial in Shanghai later this year is successful.

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