Saturday, April 10, 2021

Dixons Retail offers rapid knowledgebase software

Electrical retailer Dixons Retail has rolled out multichannel knowledgebase software across its KnowHow services website, it has been announced.

Allowing the company to provide fast answers to customer queries, the technology is powered by customer interaction solutions service provider Eptica.

Answering a query will be made easier by the meaning-based search technology which will enable KnowHow‘s 300,000 monthly web users and 1,300 agents to type a question and receive a rapid, non-technical response.

Improved customer service is a key focus for the service, which was launched in 2010 and has seen the number of unique visitors increase by 17 per cent with average time spent on the site jumping 350 per cent year-on-year.

Similarly, a customer‘s likelihood to recommend the service has risen steadily, up 28 percentage points over the last 12 months to 71 per cent.

Dixons Retail believes that these figures highlight the fact that customers are spending more time accessing and reading knowledgebase articles and proves that its deal with Eptica will further enhance this offering.

“As electrical products become more complex and technologies converge, our customers told us they wanted joined-up services delivered in a non-technical way,” said Keith Andrews, Programme Manager of home services at KnowHow.

“Knowledge needs to be at the heart of KnowHow and Eptica‘s technology provides the infrastructure to collect, share and update the vital information our customers want across all of our channels.

“KnowHow and Eptica are fundamental parts of our service-led strategy for this Christmas and beyond.”

As well as answering specific questions, the software also allows users to browse the 1,200 articles in the knowledgebase which will offer explanations and advice on queries such as how to set up a wireless network, connecting a smart TV to the internet and even defrosting the fridge.

Raising the profile of its customer service offer is a crucial part of the retailer‘s strategy and last month a TV advertising campaign featuring Star Wars character Darth Vader was launched to market the offer.

Paul Barnes, Managing Director of Eptica UK, feels that providing quality service for customers is essential.

“Retail is one of the most competitive markets in the UK, particularly at Christmas,” he said.

“When it comes to ever more complex electrical products, providing customers with the highest levels of service is a key differentiator. The overwhelming customer adoption of KnowHow demonstrates how delivering fast, accurate answers is a central part of today‘s successful retail experience.”


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