Sunday, September 19, 2021

Sainsbury’s to launch Xmas ad series

Grocer Sainsbury‘s is to unveil a series of Christmas adverts celebrating the small moments and details in the run-up to the big day, it has been announced today.

Made up of 14 separate TV ads, the campaign will launch tomorrow at 7.15pm on ITV1 and the first three ads will run back-to-back with the remaining 11 set to air in the weeks to New Year‘s Eve.

Sainsbury‘s undertook consumer research which revealed that small moments and events in the weeks before Christmas are fundamental to people‘s enjoyment of the period and so has reflected this in its festive campaign.

All 14 ads are set to Aaron Espe‘s ‘Through Frozen Forests‘ under the tagline ‘Christmas Days at Sainsbury‘s‘ while the supermarket is also launching an interactive outdoor campaign.

Following the moment when Christmas lights are checked to see if they will last another year, shoppers can test the poster‘s lights by pushing a switch on a giant plug.

Earlier this month, fashion e-tailer Asos also unveiled an interactive multimedia Christmas campaign which includes a click-to-purchase video containing its products as well as allowing shoppers to use Instagram and Pinterest to share content.

Sarah Warby, Marketing Director at Sainsbury‘s said: “Christmas is a really special time for our customers and colleagues and we know that it‘s not just one day that makes Christmas special, but a series of moments that are celebrated throughout the holiday season.

“With this knowledge we can ensure all the different festive moments that make Christmas special for our customers and colleagues are catered for.”


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