Friday, February 22, 2019

Record distribution week for Nisa


Brand and buying group Nisa has announced that it has broken through its weekly case distribution record, hitting over 2.8 million cases of product delivered, which represents more than £33 million in value terms.

This puts the retail group, which announced a £3.8m profit before tax last year, 5.2 per cent up on its sales budget for the year to date.

The figures point to the loyalty of the Nisa membership with distribution numbers remaining high through much of the year to deliver the above forecast figures the company has experienced. Nisa members can receive loyalty rebates and a share in surplus profits and it is widely recognised that it seeks to generate money and benefits for retailers, not out of them – something independents place great value in.

“We are delighted to record such strong distribution figures and would thank everyone in the logistics chain for making it possible,” said Jonathan Stowe, Nisa‘s distribution director.

“Members are continuing to show loyalty through the company‘s central distribution service and this ultimately leads to a much stronger business. We‘re working on a number of projects to increase the efficiency of our distribution model which will bring greater benefits to our members.”