Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Overhaul of healthy food range for Tesco


Tesco has amalgamated its healthy food range to help its customers lead healthier lifestyles this year.

The 230 product brand, called Tesco Healthy Living, will replace Tesco Light Choices and Tesco Eat Live Enjoy and features bakery, ready meals and yogurt products.

Tesco says 85 per cent of its whole Healthy Living range is either new or improved.

“This range represents a shift in the way we think about healthy foods – we want to give our customers great tasting products that make choosing healthier options easy,” said David Wood, Tesco UK Marketing Director.

New products in the range include Chicken Laksa Noodles at 265 calories per pack and Spiced Butternet Squash with Fruity Pilaf & Festa at 349 calories. The retailer has also reduced sugar in its flavoured yogurts by up to 45 per cent.

The launch will initially see the range promoted at 3 for 2 (except on Meal Deal sandwiches.)

Many have turned to dieting post-Christmas, as global information firm Experian found that the Paleo diet was the most searched for diet in the US this week.