Morrisons may have made ‘blunder’ by choosing Midlands to start online grocery service


Morrison‘s online shopping offering has left Midlands supermarket shoppers distinctly underwhelmed, according to research by shopping behaviour company SBXL.

The research, carried out in January, reveals that Morrison‘s shoppers are less likely to abandon bricks and mortar and shop online than customers of any other supermarket. It also shows that Morrison‘s may have blundered in choosing the Midlands to begin the roll out of their online service. Midlands shoppers are shown to be the most reluctant to move online in the whole of the UK.

The research is part of SBXL‘s Continuous Shopper Insight programme which surveys a cross section of 1,000 shoppers each month to give an ongoing picture of shoppers attitudes towards supermarket shopping.

The research shows that only a fifth of Morrison‘s customers would consider taking advantage of the store‘s online service, compared to around 40 per cent of shoppers at Asda and Tesco.

SBXL‘s senior insight manager Serena Tippler said it also showed that Morrison‘s would have had more chance of success if they had launched in the south of the country rather than the Midlands.

“Nearly half of all shoppers in the south say that they would consider online shopping – much higher than the Midlands and north. By launching in the Midlands, they have focussed on the region least likely to do shopping online, which suggests they could have benefited from higher quality research ahead of launch,” she said.

The research also showed that nearly half of Tesco and Asda shoppers across the country expect to do some of their grocery shopping online in the next year. By contrast, only 27 per cent of Morrison‘s customers were planning to shop online.